Oiled Wood Surface

Most of our solid wood furniture have an hand polished natural oil finish, providing excellent protection. Compare to a Varnish, a good oil finish brings out all the natural subtleties of wood, since the oil penetrates and nourishes the wood grain, which gives a unique character and a warm touch. With such a finish, it’s recommended and very easy to maintain your furniture through time. With a little attention and effort, your furniture should have a very long life, far beyond your expectations.

Regular cleaning is easy with a soft cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners, soaps or scouring pads. Only neutral Ph cleaners can be used for the most stubborn stains.

Here’s a little guide for your Daily & Annual maintenance.

Daily Cleaning:
We suggest cleaning your oiled wood surfaces, simply with water or a natural PH neutral cleaner. We recommend using Livos TRENA-55 Concentrated Cleaner. Simply follow the instructions for the ratios of (Trena VS Water).

Product: TRENA-556 from Livos and cotton linen.

Annual maintenance
To keep your oiled wood surface in excellent condition, we suggest you to oil it at least once a year, depending on your use. The oil used for your furniture is the Livos Kunos 243.

NOTE: Do not use chemical cleaners on oiled wood surfaces. This would have the effect of attacking the finish with natural oil and thus clear it prematurely.

Products: Natural oil Livos Kunos 243 (Oil for worktop), 2 dry cotton linens.

1- Clean the dust with a dry cloth.

2- Apply a thin layer of oil on the surface using a linen cloth and allow to dry for 10-15 min.

3- Use a dry cloth and wipe off the surface until there is no more sticky oil.

4- Let it dry for at least 24 hours, before use.

5- VERY IMPORTANT !!! : Submerge the cloths used in the water and extend them outside for at least 12 hours, otherwise there is a risk of inflammation. Then you can dispose of it without problems.

6-The more you maintain your furniture with this natural oil, the more they will
gets protected through time :)

For further information and advice, we invite you to contact us.